About Me

Hi, i am Alex Web Developer

I am experienced with Sveltekit and Next.js frameworks, because of easy of developing with them and maintainability of my code. Now most of my projects I built with one of them, My favourite of them is SvelteKit. On side i sometimes built backend with Express.js, but that is mostly for authentication and API being used with multiple other projects.

When developing my projects I use Typescript and Tailwind for perfecting efficiency and at same time maintainability of my code, but i think that using Typescript and some CSS framework is must.

My code editor is Neovim because of how fast it is and how often i need to use terminal, i too used other code editors, but this one sticked. For version control i use git with Github. My hobbies outside of programming is reading novels ,mostly fantasy, and lifting weights in the gym.

Cup of coffee